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Useful Eczema creams for toddlers, infants and kids

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a common condition in babies and toddlers. Symptoms include itching, red, weeping patches of skin, and small red bumps in folds of the skin and on the face, although some children will have irritation all over their body. Up to 15 – 20% of babies and toddlers suffer from a topic dermatitis, and the majority outgrow the condition by the time they are around 6 years old.

Soothing a child with eczema can be difficult, but there are a wide selection of creams, lotions and emollients available which will alleviate a baby’s suffering and distress.

Applying a moisturizer or emollient after a warm (not hot) bath will make a significant difference. The moisture from the water will be sealed in to the skin, combating the dryness. Aqueous cream is a very affordable and effective option to use in this way, and can be used to wash the skin instead of soap, which can have a drying effect.

Moisturizing cream should be rubbed into the child’s skin once daily at an absolute minimum. Four times a day is recommended, and if the skin is exceptionally dry and raw, the emollient can be applied hourly. It should be applied in a downward motion, rather than rubbed around, and storing the cream in the refrigerator can be incredibly soothing to a child whose skin is particularly inflamed.

Steroid creams, normally containing hydrocortisone, may be prescribed by a doctor, and are very effective in helping to treat eczema. However any instructions must be followed exactly. Do not apply steroid cream at the same time as an emollient or other treatment – at least 10 minutes should pass between applications.

As well as aqueous cream, there are numerous other creams, bath oils, emollients, and moisturizers which are successful in treating a toddler’s eczema. Some of these are available on prescription as well as in the shops.

Bath oils and lotions such as Oilatum and Aveeno will avoid the drying-out effect of hot water on your baby’s skin, and using these alongside organic, paraben-free and fragrance-free soap substitutes could show an improvement in their skin irritation very quickly.

E45 cream, BK Lotion, Alpha Keri and Health E Fatty Cream are some other types of emollient cream which are used in the same way as Aqueous cream to soothe and treat the dryness and itching in a child’s skin.

Many parents favor organic, fragrance-free creams and lotions to treat their child’s skin condition, believing that the potential for irritation will be reduced. Parabens are another ingredient which many choose to avoid, and nowadays plenty of organic, allergen-free products are being created, from small producers who make all their products by hand, to large companies who understand that their consumers seek more natural options in skincare.

By trying different brands of creams, lotions and oils, you will quickly see which is the most effective in your own child. Some may appear to worsen the irritation, and should be quickly discontinued, while others will quickly provide relief and a reduction of symptoms. Utilizing these products can provide significant success against the unpleasant inflammatory symptoms of eczema and atopic dermatitis. The result?

A much happier and a healthier baby.